Brochure Websites

If you do not have a lot of information to update frequently, a brochure website (also known as static website) is the choice you need for your business. 

This solution is a great way to present your business and provide important information to prospective customers. A brochure website is often a digital version of what you usually use handover to the customers to promote your business.

The brochure website is often referred as online catalog - you can show anyone who searches for and finds your website, photos and descriptions of your products or services. This is not an e-commerce website, as there  are a lot of business offering products or services that are not sellable over the Internet (hair-stylist, dentist, or day-care center).

Your brochure website must incorporate your corporate identity: logo, slogan and all other elements that are a uniquely identifying your organization. There are a few pages that are always present, in various forms:

  • home page - the front page of your website, what the guests first see when entering your website
  • services/products - the description of the services/products your company is offering
  • contact - one of the most important part of a website, presents the visitors all required contact details: address, phone, fax, contact form

Apart from integrating the visual identity of your business, the website must take into account the usability issue. You should keep in mind that users are impatient and want to quickly locate the information.

The menus and links should be consistent and completed with a site map so both users and search robots can find and index the information. Using breadcrumbs and back links will help user to know at all times where he is on the website.There is not a complete list of usability features, but keep in mind that the website must be designed to help the user find out more about your business.

In simple terms, good usability can mean the difference between one website's success and the failure of another.

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  • 03 Use social network sites
  • 04 Buy a product
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