GPS-based GIS Solutions

Adding GPS devices to GIS integrated software opens endless possibilities for development:

Fleet management by GPS/GSM. This is not a simple GPS location solution. The logistic operator is searching for new travels. When a travel is added to the system, it send travel information (kilometers, time to arrive etc.) to the nearest drivers. If It is suitable for one driver, then he will accept it. This solution can be suitable for carriers, ambulances and so on.

Technicians management by GPS/GSM: The above idea can be used, in a similar manner, to assign and dispatch maintenance technicians instead of drivers, based on request position and type (various type of technicians can be handled from the same application).

Real-Time GPS tracker for cyclist racing: this type of solution can show on map the real-time position of the participants to a cycling event - similar solutions can be developed for other types of competitions.

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