Can Geotagging Add Value to My Site ?

You run a website, well positioned on Google Search for many keywords, still the conversions do not come ... what else can you do ?

Often the search positioning itself is not enough. Probably the keywords on which you have placed the search queries represent a niche that can hardly bring a large number of visitors.

A smart idea to increase the number of visits is to diversify the reasons that attract visitors to enter your site.

Search queries of Web users are often related to geolocation. This relates the search keywords to the information spread on your region, often overlooked but rich in inexhaustible information from every day life.

Web marketing and geotagging


Today we will see how to set up a web marketing strategy by using the geolocation and geotagging in a website!

Main assumption: we need to think in a parallel with optical positioning and SEO. Instead of starting with the keywords that describe the content of the site, we depart from those which describe them in terms of region.

This will be particularly effective if the site you're managing belongs to a hotel or an activity that has a precise location. So it can become a reference for those who live in the area and for those who decide to visit you!

What to do?

We will explain the concept with an example. Suppose you manage the site of the "Ristorante da Pippo" in Trento, a site well positioned for the keywords Trento Centro Restaurant, Restaurant Trento, Trento Pizzeria.

Here on our site come many visitors who are in Trento and do not know where to go to eat and that will match in the engine search the keywords mentioned above.

Suppose now that in Trento will take place the annual festival of the stamp. On the website of the Restaurant of Pippo, we create a page optimized and well-positioned to speak of the event, add a map of the area (with the venues and location of your restaurant, perhaps include a route calculator), together with the description of the services and how to reach the event. This page will drive to your site all the visitors interested to attend the festival of the stamp !

In this way we can reach a lot of potential customers by offering them a quick solution on how to visit the festival and where to eat in the evening !

The more information we offer about the region where our business is, the more likely we are to increase the number of visitors to your site.  And if this information is matched with your content, it will also increase the rate of conversions !

Potential resources to be used are endless, ranging from mountain trails up to folklore events, but the important thing to remember is that each of these resources must be consistent and having points of contact with the contents of the site.

Where am I ?

One important thing to do is to find the local resources related to the content of the site and load them into descriptive categories in your site. The breaking down into subcategories will be made following a logical manner.

The next step? Create a page for each of these resources by entering detailed descriptions and the map of your area, with points of interest and related routes/tracks. The important thing to do is to link each of these points with the content of the site, searching for points of contact and consistency within the content.

Our presence will be widespread on all web resources and social networks which are based on geotagging, such as FourSquare and Google Maps, as well as a lot of others such as Local Minds for Iphone or Minube.

Increase our visits locally !

If all these actions are well managed, this process can significantly increase the visibility of your website, increasing the numbers of visitors, but especially the conversion rate !

Become the local expert, be a point of reference for those seeking information in your region ! Use to the maximum the region where your business takes place by geolocating and geotagging the content of your site !

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