Can Geotagging Add Value to My Site ?

You run a website, well positioned on Google Search for many keywords, still the conversions do not come ... what else can you do ?

Often the search positioning itself is not enough. Probably the keywords on which you have placed the search queries represent a niche that can hardly bring a large number of visitors.

A smart idea to increase the number of visits is to diversify the reasons that attract visitors to enter your site.

Search queries of Web users are often related to geolocation. This relates the search keywords to the information spread on your region, often overlooked but rich in inexhaustible information from every day life.

Why Do I need a Website ?

Websites continue to be very important for your business, despite the growing popularity of social networks.

A website allows your business to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well, so do the social networks. This raises the question

Why should I pay for my website ?

Which Website is Right For Me ?

Whether you need a new site or want to update an existing one, the options and opinions around you can drive you dizzy in the first place.

This is where you need to get a few minutes and ask yourself a few simple questions

Web Popular

Top Web Activities

  • 01 Use search engines to find information
  • 02 Send or read email
  • 03 Use social network sites
  • 04 Buy a product
  • 05 Search for a map or driving directions